About Me

creative, eternally creating, constantly changing and yet, always the same
 creating - dreaming - loving - laughing - thoughtful star walker - striding through many dimensions

Ever since my childhood, creativity has been an important part of my life. As a teenager, I started following the call of the spirits and started with meditation. I was busy with the power of stones, chakra, plants, nature, numerology, frequencies and much more. In this time, I started drawing geometry and light languages for the first time. Also during my employment in a law office, I followed my call. I just wanted to understand more about the world, the universe and the energy that connects everything. I found out that there are many ancient cultures on the earth that have very similar answers to that. We are all one. We all come from one source. Everything is connected with us. Each and everyone is important and everyone is unique. I am learning - from wisdom keepers, from shamans and from every single person that I meet. I am learning in nature, from the animals, from the stars, from the unending creative power that is flowing through all of us. I saw how complex every single being is. That we are light beings in a physical body. And that we are never alone.

For some years now I have been asking myself what I can do in order to bring more light, more understanding, more joy and beauty into this reality. The answer came in a powerful lightful vision - frequencies, energies, light, geometry. Since then, a lot of drawings and now also paintings have been brought into the earth.