The Heart of the Diamond Sun

Lichtcode Sternensprachen

Matrixen - Lightcodes - Starlanguages

for a new time

Everything is light - frequency - energy
Frequencies and energies can express themselves in geometry, symbols, light languages

Our time of change serves the expansion of our consciousness by (re)encountering the unity of all life and our affiliation with the earth and the stars.

In unity with the pure nature of the source, which we are all part of, geometry, light languages and symbols have been brought into the world through me and have been materialised by hand on paper and canvas for many years.

When I asked the source about the origin of these geometry and light languages, the collective of the Diamond Sun or the Heart of the Diamond Sun introduced itself to me. In it, it is holding the consciousness of the pure clear nature of the earth which is  radiating into our reality. It contains an understanding of the fact that we are all coming from one source, we are one. Everyone of us is asked to express the perfect individuality of ones own nature out of this unity. This unity shows itself in the diversity of the expression. In this way, we are an unique individual and all together, we are one whole.

In the paintings, geometry, light languages and symbols are just as many layered as multidimensional, constantly moving. Thus, they imply the frequencies of the lights of the new earth which are reflected in us, complement us and remind us on our talents and abilities. Everything has consciousness and we are part of it.

What painting suits me? What is their individual meaning?

LIght and frequency are also sound, however, they can only be translated into words in a limited way. Our language, our words have used, applied and redyed in so many ways that they are not sufficient to express the multiple dimensions that are depicted here. Putting a name on these paintings would therefore only limit their impact. It is time now to listen more to our own perception and intuition. Your are called upon to perceive what picture, what frequency is speaking to you. All paintings have been created with the pure intention to support you in the expansion of your own perception and consciousness, for the benefit of the individual as well as for the benefit of the whole.

Lichtcodes - Sternensprachen

The Heart of the Diamond Sun

Paintings, symbols, matrix, light languages, star languages

Painted on canvas - for the awakening of the understanding of the unending self of every single one.
Born from a source - unending, individual ways of the create expression of this one source!